AutoComplete+ Publisher

Have your users get personalized and relevant search suggestions - while you optimize monetization through contextual content promotion in the search dropdown box.

About the Service

AutoComplete+ Publisher is a cloud-based autosuggestion service for specific web site search. Your users will get personalized, relevant suggestions, in the dropdown box – from the first character they type in the search box. AutoComplete+ Publisher delivers lightning-fast suggestions, based on site-specific popular searches, user’s search history on the site, and relevant alternative Web searches. AutoComplete+ Publisher also takes into account the content that you would like to promote, and embeds contextual suggestions in the search dropdown box. AutoComplete+ Publisher increases your revenues while improving user experience with relevant search suggestions.

Comprehensive AutoComplete Solution

Our service was designed from the ground up to support web site search. It can use a variety of term databases and vocabularies – customized for your site particular need. Our current cloud-based distributed database contains over hundreds of millions of terms (as of May 2013), not to mention the typo correction and word correction algorithms that literally address an order of magnitude of additional relevant suggestions.

Supported Languages

AutoComplete+ Publisher service supports websites in all languages. Our officially supported languages are: English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian. Our roadmap includes expanding support for additional languages.

Supported Platforms

  • Internet Explorer 7+
  • Firefox 3.5+
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari

AutoComplete Algorithms

We deploy a number of algorithms to present users the most appropriate suggestions: previous searches on site or app, keyword popularity, emerging search trends, keyword similarity, typo corrections, word order, profanity filtering, word order, and locale-specific languages are some of our patent-pending technologies. We are constantly improving our autocomplete algorithms to deliver the best suggestions to our users.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

We're proud to be using the latest state of the art hosting solution with over 99.95% of up time. Our service scales over indefinite number of server nodes to eliminate a single point of failure and address even the most rigorous website traffic.

Bundling, Packaging, & Integration

AutoComplete+ Publisher is available as a simple JavaScript that you can easily plug into your site.

What is the meaning of the icons next to each suggestion?

  • Browsing history suggestions - based on previous searches of the user on this specific site.
  • Popular search suggestions – based on popular searches on this specific site.
  • Related search suggestions provide alternative search queries.