AutoComplete+ is Hiring!

Cloud Power LLC was launched in 2011 to make search friendly, better, and faster - using cutting-edge search technologies. Our cloud-based products were designed from the ground up for web scale, to deliver lightning fast service. As a user merely types just a few characters in a search box, our products instantly offer contextual, relevant suggestions and results. We are Silicon Valley angel-investor backed and growing rapidly as the leading independent autocomplete and instant-search provider. Today, we are already powering billions of searches and are growing our product portfolio.

Is Cloud Power for You?

Cloud Power is a different type of company. If any of the descriptions below does not fit your ideal environment - you should work for another company.

We are a small company. This means that every person has high impact. We are looking for people who can take on a project and own it. We hardly have management or any other overhead. People who thrive here are self-starters, fast learners, and independent. In fact, every one of us is an entrepreneur, who created a business or founded a company - at least once. We have veterans from Mercury, Microsoft, and Yahoo.

In Cloud Power, the future of the "virtual corporation" is now. We are extremely efficient and effective in leveraging suppliers, infrastructure, and software throughout the world: our products run on the world’s best platforms and services. We are one of the largest customers of Google Application Engine PaaS. As such, we are a trusted tester of their latest technologies before other get the chance to use them. Our CDN and DNS providers are the best in the industry. We are using contractors to build software components and our web sites in California, Israel, Slovenia, Netherland, and the Ukraine. Our products are designed for web scale using the latest web stack technologies.

You will not hear about us in the media, boasting how we raised money, or how we were selected as Joe's Most Promising Startup. The reason is simple. We don't need exposure to appease investors, or stroke management ego. We do our best not to waste time or money. We care deeply about our customers and users, and will go to great lengths to make sure that they are successful . We believe that excellent engineers should be paid well. We believe in simple product design and attention to details. We work fast, diligently, and take decisive action. This is what makes us successful. If this resonates with you - you have come to the right place.


Senior Front End Developer

Cloud Power is seeking a superstar developer to build our client applications. Are you a fast learner, independent, and great problem solver? Would you like to make an impact on many millions of users? We've got the place for you! Job requirements:

  • At least 3 years hardcore JavaScript programming on various browsers: IE, FF, Chrome and Safari.
  • Deep knowledge in Internet technologies: HTML5 (including Mobile iOS and Android), Advanced JavaScript programming including jQuery, CSS3.
  • Extensive experience working on web user interface.
  • Academic degree - an advantage.


Senior Search Software Engineer

We are looking for a search expert with proven track record. Do you know how to engineer an application so that it can easily integrate into many software platforms? Are you a problem solver that can get things done? Cloud Power is seeking only the best software engineer to develop our backend search platform. If you are committed to excellence – we have the place for you! Job requirements:

  • 5+ years’ experience in software engineering in the areas of search backend indexing and crawling.
  • Top academic degree in Computer Science or related area.
  • Deep Theoretical and practical OOD understanding.
  • Proven experience in cloud computing platforms.
  • Deep client technologies experience (jQuery, CSS3, HTML5) - an advantage.
  • Previous experience in delivering web applications in a start-up - an advantage.