About Us

AutoComplete+ was launched in 2011 to make search friendly, better, and faster - using autocomplete technology. Our cloud-based products were designed from the ground up for web scale, to deliver lightning fast service. As a user merely types just a few characters in a search box, our products instantly offer contextual and relevant suggestions. Our independent autocomplete solution works with any search engine and platform. We are Silicon Valley angel-investor backed and growing rapidly as the leading independent autocomplete provider.

The challenge for autosuggestion algorithms is non-trivial. First, AutoComplete+ has to search very large query list databases in under a few milliseconds so that the user sees results pop up while typing. Second, the algorithms must ensure relevance of the suggested queries to the end-user. Third, the algorithm needs to run an automated continuous improvement process in order to maintain its very large query list database. Furthermore, all of that complexity must be hidden behind a simple, intuitive interface, that is easily downloadable, bundled, plugged-in, feed-integrated, and mobile-feed integrated.

Following extensive research, our patent-pending online feed overcame these challenges. AutoComplete+ searches a hundreds of millions term databases, in many languages, for millions of web sites and mobile applications, to provide a list of suggested queries within a specific web site, mobile applications, or web search under few milliseconds. Our cloud-based platform is scalable to billions of autocomplete queries, yet at the same time easily integrates into any publisher’s search box, tool bar, or mobile application.

Used by hundreds of millions of users every day, AutoComplete+ is the world’s largest independent autocomplete solution.